Black Swan ★★★★★

foot fetishists beware: this film might do you in. there are lots of close ups of sexy feet.

perfectionists beware: you may fall down the rabbit hole of obsession. all that ballerina anal retentiveness. you may think to yourself, "i was perfect," just as you realize the sacrifice was too much.

aesthetes, beware: this film is a visual lush fest. blacks, whites, greys and pinks. feathers! red eyes! splendid mise en scene design. a treat for the eyes: scopophilia anyone?

narcissists: look out! you may fall into the river and drown. or get lost in those cracked mirrors. or worse: you may stab yourself with a shard from one after you've smashed it! the point is, this is not safe territory for self-lovers.

those with existential crises: stay away! stay far, far away! the abyss beckons. the black "other" awaits. mise en abyme is everywhere! where you end and another "you" begins becomes especially nebulous. if you are asking yourself "who am i?" right now, by the end of this film you will be screaming "WHO AM I?" into the void!!!

dance lovers: no. just no. you will never be able to get over this movie. you will never be able to get a groove on again, to point your toes, to plie, to leap, to twirl, to hold first position. nooooooooooo!!!!!

in sum: unless you are of completely sound mind and body, then do not watch this movie.

the dark side awaits you. and the dark side is sexy: it bites, it draws blood, it scratches, it rips off hangnails like nobody's business. it is nothing, nothing!!! it surprises, it loses itself.

you have been warned.

(here be madness!)

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