• HyperNormalisation


    A general writeup here because I feel the same about all of Adam Curtis’s work. Basically, He is an ingenious editor and I agree with him as far as the point that technocratic fantasy has led us to hell in a handbasket and that we have offered no real solutions to combat this capitalist nightmare. However, I also find his detached approach to contribute to the problem rather than a potential solution and some of his methods to be rather…

  • Morning Glory

    Morning Glory


    I really don’t have anything of substance to write about other than to say this is a perfect romantic comedy with a charming cast and that Rachel McAdams is just breathtaking in this film (of course, she’s breathtaking in every film she’s in even the bad ones but there’s just something about her here). Maybe I’m being overly generous with my five on this but goddamn it I love a good feel-good film too!

  • Constantine



    I absolutely treasure this film. Sure, it’s far from a perfect adaptation of the Hellblazer comic on which it’s based but I really don’t care. The cast is literally perfection here with Swinton & Stormare being huge highlights in particular and Keanu giving a deliciously form-fitting performance as the title character in spite of him not fitting the character’s description in the comic. Everyone else is also great and/or at least fun here, it must be added. Also, this film has…

  • Demolition Man

    Demolition Man


    It’s obvious that there were quite a few production problems and screenwriters if you look closely enough and while I like most of the action scenes for their cartoony ‘80s & ‘90s cliche action film vibe they are also a bit clunky and cut a few too many corners in parts as well. However, in spite of that, this film is absolute dynamite with Stallone, Snipes, & Bullock giving some of the best performances of their careers and names such as Sir…

  • Red Eye

    Red Eye


    It got some solid reviews and some decent box office at the time of its release but this is a severely underrated thriller especially nowadays and it’s Wes Craven’s best non-slasher film in my book (as much as I also love The Serpent and the Rainbow & The People Under The Stairs, they aren’t as tightly constructed as this one). The film has its fair share of logical faults and the ending is rushed to high heaven but on the whole…

  • Ravenous



    A short and superficial one here but I really fucking treasure this film. This film is really wonderful. The cast is great, Nyman & Albarn’s score is sonorific heaven, the gore and humor complement each other well and the film is a great satire of Manifest Destiny and American Imperialism. It’s also pretty fucking entertaining to boot. RIP Antonia Bird. www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs7s7YCW40wJAIbra0RcDEGL0HhKc5no2

  • Red Planet

    Red Planet

    A lot of problems with this one and it’s certainly not anything great but I find it to be greatly fascinating nonetheless with some decent performances and some interesting (if silly) plot developments. All in all, a fine little trip in my book even with its problems and certainly not as bad as some will tell you. Not some unsung masterpiece by any means but it’ll do. Also, I love the soundtrack.

  • Eight Legged Freaks

    Eight Legged Freaks


    Just absolute schlocky fun here. It’s not quite up to par with similar mainstream b-movies of its ilk like Tremors and Arachnophobia but it isn’t that far behind either in my estimation. The cast absolutely delivers here (especially Arquette, Terra, Doug, & Rippy though I find pretty much all of the performances here likable and more than adequate for this type of film) and while the CGI here is quite bad I also find it to add to the cheapo monster…

  • Ghost Ship

    Ghost Ship

    It’s slower than it needs to be given what type of film it is and it does grind quite a bit after that brilliant opening sequence until the beginning of the third act. However, the cast is game here (especially a young Emily Browning) and as with all Dark Castle films of this period there’s a garish industrial/nu metal music video feel to the production design here that I just can’t help but love (something that was at its peak…

  • Titus



    In my very humble opinion, this is the best Shakespeare adaptation of the last thirty or so years save for maybe Kenneth Branagh's 1996 Hamlet. The cast is excellent, the soundtrack is gloriously garish, bombastic and eclectic and quite possibly Goldenthal's best, and the story is at once ludicrous and sobering and remains highly relevant in today's active and tragic lifestyles. Not to mention that the visual aesthetic and production design are absolutely to die for here and Julie Taymor…

  • The Iron Giant

    The Iron Giant


    One day, I will write a more in-depth account of this film and my relationship with it throughout the years but for now all I will say is that this film is beautiful and a masterpiece. “You are who you choose to be SUPERMAN.”