Hello Dracula 1: Vampire Kid

Hello Dracula 1: Vampire Kid ★★★

This Taiwanese horror comedy thing is a strange experience. We watched it in the original language, which I think was Cantonese, and it had subtitles in some other Asian language. But it wasn't very hard to figure out what was going on with the big acting and ridiculous scenarios.

Chinese vampires are the centerpiece of the film, complete with the hopping, the rice feeding, and the spells pasted to their foreheads to keep them in line. But some goofy kids (whose butts we see WAY too much of) remove one of the spells and then a bunch of fun shit happens. There are exploding eggs, spells bursting into flame and flying around, exaggerated kung fu action, and all the booming slow-motion vampire hops you can handle.

Oh! And there is this absolutely adorable little kid vampire. The one from the title, presumably. That kid is basically worth the time investment.

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