The Death & Life of John F. Donovan ★★★½

“how could you have stolen a place that was made just for you?” 

This is the first film by Xavier Dolan that I've ever watched and it certainly won't be the last. It's obvious that he has such a clear vision when it comes to people and how he is going to portray them. This film is like a raw, delicate dissection of human beings; exploring our disconnect from reality, our disconnect from other people, and our disconnect from ourselves. I think it really accurately gets across how escapism through art, although it’s routed in happiness, can end up being a problem in itself. I really enjoyed the style of storytelling and how it helps present one of the main themes that I believed was tackled throughout this being that perception isn't always reality - although we are clearly supposed to love certain characters and dislike others, the more the story is told the more that isn't the case and it becomes clear that literally all of them are flawed and effect other people in their own way. Seen a lot of people complain about how the story isn't engaging enough, which I get because it felt empty at some points and full at others, but to me the most interesting thing about this was the characters and their own personal struggles.

I definitely don't think The Death & Life of John. F Donovan is perfect as at some points it did feel like style over substance, but for the most part I did enjoy it.

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