Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Terminator 2: Judgment Day ★★★★★

This film will never change from being one of if not the best Science Fiction Action film ever made.

It could also be argued that this is the best sequel ever made-I'm not so sure of that but if you told me that's what you thought I wouldn't put ya down.

To me this film is the turning point in Cameron's career. He took every ounce of greatness from his prior films and highlighted them in this film. There is the heart pounding pacing of Aliens in this film. There is the beautiful cinematography from The Abyss in this film although it's done by a different cinematographer-you can see Cameron's input and vision through Greenberg's work.

What I love most about this film is how this story unfolds in a world that has no idea that it's happening-the plot only involves 2 people and 2 machines from the future-not another single soul knows what is taking place and what is at stake-sure the cops get involved and the staff at the hospital but no one is looking at these events as the fate of humanity rests in the balance.

The visuals are still stunning today. One of ILM's greatest achievements-it's impossible to list how many incredible things they did here.

The action is amazing. The chase from the mall into the streets is great-the events at the hospital showcase how close to a masterpiece this film is-the events at the lab are terrific-the chase following those events are some of the best stunt work I've seen.

I have always said this should have been up for more Academy Awards but taking another look at that year it sure is hard to find room for this film so I don't look back with anger that this didn't get some major category nods.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's best role. I hate it that most people bash this guy's acting ability-for the most part they are right but he did wonders with this role. He's even more believable as a machine in this one than the first film-well that can be argued but let's say he improved on what already existed. His line at the end about never being able to cry is one of the best lines in Science Fiction history.

Linda Hamilton's role is one part of this film when it comes to being overlooked by the Academy that I think is worth mentioning. It's a complete turnaround from the original film. She's perfect-there is nothing left from the Sarah Connor we once knew.

Edward Furlong does a very decent job here. There's a few moments when his voice gets to me but other than that he's great.

Robert Patrick turns the simplest roles into one of the most memorable roles ever. Appearance wise he's nothing to mention but he is one of the most menacing and fearful villains I have ever seen on film. I would collapse if I saw him coming at me.

Overall it's a classic. The story is simple yet effective-the performances are great-Cameron's work is top notch-it's a thrill ride from beginning to end.