A Quiet Place Part II

A Quiet Place Part II ★★★

A Quiet Place Part II is a pretty good sequel! But that’s as far as I’ll go, I didn’t completely love it and had a lot of issues with it…but I liked it!

I was fully prepared to give the film a 3.5, but as I thought about it more I realized there was a lot I wasn’t the biggest fan of.

To start, I personally didn’t love the decision to always show the monsters all the time every time…I think it was missing the element of fear of what’s outside the frame like the first film. I would have liked a little more of that. 

I also didn’t really feel the dire need to be quiet in this film…in comparison to the first film at least. In the original, the consequence of being noisy came quickly which really emphasized the need to stay silent. If you made a noise, the monsters were there in like 10 seconds or less. There were many scenes in this film where people are making sounds and it takes forever for the monsters to come. The biggest example (without getting into spoilers) was when a character was literally yelling in a quiet, open area and the monsters didn’t show up for like a minute later when the characters conveniently would now have enough time to run away. It just didn’t seem consistent. That’s just how I felt, anyway.

Lastly, I didn’t love the multiple storylines. It made the film feel uneven as it cut between each of the branching plots because I didn’t think each one was equally as strong. There were times I was invested in the action and it cut away to one of the other storylines that I wasn’t as invested in. I would have rather soaked in the intensity of the scene instead of being jerked away from it at the best parts.

That all being said, the film is still good and fun to watch…even if the character drama did occasionally fall a little flat (I wish I had cared more about Cillian Murphy’s character). There’s still plenty of heart found here, which I thought Krasinski did a good job with once again. I thought the performances were pretty good too. I would probably watch again.

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