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  • The Beyond

    The Beyond


    Did you know? It’s finally here! My zine about Italian genre cinema, ITALY BLOOD AND GUTS!! Including contributions from some of your favorite Letterboxders! NO! Don’t buy that new 4K blu-ray of that movie you already own on 2 other formats! Unsubscribe to all your streaming services! Neuter your Netflix! Take a hike Hulu! Cancel your Criterion! Eat shit, Shudder! (Full Moon Streaming can stay) Now that you’ve freed up all that income - GO BUY MY TOP SHELF GARBAGE!…

  • Female Trouble

    Female Trouble


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  • Nightmare



    A real barf bag buster! Piles of sleaze and gore and childhood trauma! The killer is a real sicko, he's covered in buckets of sweat and wakes up shrieking about, no lie, 6 times. He goes to peep shows and makes "breath heavily and hang up" calls and his nightmare visions from childhood are so gnarly that I worry about the kid that had to act in them. Is that kid a sicko now? Is he starring as the killer…

  • The House on Sorority Row

    The House on Sorority Row


    A quick list of some of my favorite things in slashers:

    * The kids that are about to be slashed accidentally kill someone
    * A prank goes horribly wrong
    * Shame-Babies that need to be hidden and get raised in attics or basements or crawlspaces
    * Victims hiding in bathroom stalls
    * Fat dudes in their underwear
    * Friendship
    * A dumb band that plays a few too many songs
    * A stodgy house mother/dean/principal
    * Horny stuff
    * Horrifying…

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  • Christine



    I HATE CARS. Have you ever considered that car-horror is in part an extension of urban-development-horror? Christine is already here! America has surrendered its public conveyances to cars (aka corporate interest) and opened the doors to all kinds of horrors both unexpected and intended: suburbs (racial segregation), yards (ecological mismanagement), rural isolation (classism), pollution (affecting all biomes), flooding and erosion (accelerated stormwater runoff), resource depletion, shrinking protections from search and seizure, economic hardships, drunk driving, long commutes, fuck, even slow…

  • Cannibal Holocaust

    Cannibal Holocaust

    This movie is like doing dangerous drugs in a place you’ve never been to with people you don’t trust, but they have great taste in music.