Tales of Terror

Tales of Terror ★★★★

1st story- Condenses the gothic “wandering around the hallways” genre into twenty something minutes and ratchets up the mean dialogue. Vincent tells his daughter something like “I should have killed you when you were a baby!” and she says “I wish you would have!” 

2nd story- A delightfully tasteless smorgasbord based on The Black Cat. Peter Lorre is hilarious as a picked old drunk with a hot younger wife. He goes around begging for money to get more booze using one liners like “could you spare some change for an emotional cripple?” Then he gets into a wine tasting contest with Vincent Price. By the end of the story Price and his wife are playing “keep away” with Lorre’s severed head while the body is running back and forth.

3rd story- An interesting idea where Basil Rathbone is some kind of therapist to elderly Vincent Price. Rathbone has some kind of spinning device that keeps Price’s souls alive after he’s dead (maybe). Ends with a surprising amount of goop for the era.