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  • Fast Color

    Fast Color


    I liked the story this movies tells and I like the world it sets up, but I think this is a rare instance where a film could have used more exposition. The universe these characters live in needed to be a bit more fleshed out. They somewhat imply its possible one of the characters caused the Mad Max apocalypse, but they don't give you a timeline to make a determination for yourself. Despite leaving you with a lot of questions, it's still worth a watch for the cool visuals alone.

  • The Outpost

    The Outpost


    None of these characters make you root for them. And even though this was based on a true story I didn't care if they lived or died. Give me someone to root for. They don't even have to be a "good" person. Just someone with a personality.

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  • Edward Scissorhands

    Edward Scissorhands


    This movie asks the question, "What if people were mean as shit for no reason to anyone who was different than them?" as if we don't see real life examples every day. Johnny Depp gets a lot of praise for this role, but he isn't doing much other than stand in scenes moving his hands around while the horny neighbourhood wives throw themselves at him. Maybe if the husbands could make their wives orgasm they wouldn't be all over a…

  • Get a Job

    Get a Job

    I think the reason Miles Teller always plays despicable people is because deep down he's a POS. It's like Robert Downey Jr. He just plays himself.