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i believe in a cheesy rom com supremacy

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  • The Hitcher

    The Hitcher


    the best part about this film was the first 30 seconds of all american rejects playing during the opening scene and the two minutes of dialogue that sean bean is given 

    a meh remake of a classic but to be honest, not a bad film and an arguably good attempt at a cat and mouse thriller.

    id recommend to anybody looking for a thriller that doesn’t require too much focus but is also somewhat gripping

  • Breach



    poor bruce willis is way too old to still be getting thrown around like this

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  • Collateral



    what was with tom cruise’s spray painted grey hair?

  • Seaspiracy



    the editing and production itself was executed a little badly but an educational documentary nonetheless. SAVE THE FUCKIN OCEAN.

    ps: the missed opportunity of titling this documentary as CONSPIRASEA is heartbreaking.