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now --> four of the best films i've seen for the first time in 2020

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  • Kon-Tiki



    wikipedia: "Heyerdahl's hypothesis of a South American origin of the Polynesian peoples, as well as his "drift voyaging" hypothesis, is overwhelmingly rejected by scientists today. Archaeological, linguistic, cultural, and genetic evidence all support a western origin (from Island Southeast Asia) for Polynesians using sophisticated multihull sailing technologies and navigation techniques during the Austronesian expansion."

    if the film mentioned anywhere that its central thesis was nonsense, i missed it

  • The Hands of Orlac

    The Hands of Orlac


    A sequel, The Feet of Carlo, was produced in 1927. It is now mostly lost, but from the surviving footage, some scenes can be reconstructed:

    The Feet of Carlo

    International football star Lupa Carlo is lying passed out on the grass. A lawnmower runs over him and a pair of severed feet fly into the air.

    Lupa Carlo: My feet!

    Later a doctor is standing at the foot of the hospital bed of the unconscious Lupa Carlo, talking to Lupa's…

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  • Her



    Here is my Her challenge. Take the 230-word dialogue excerpt below from Her, which is fairly representative of the film's dialogue in general, and count the number of concrete nouns. If you get a total greater than zero, redo this step because you did it wrong. Then do the same count with the 90-word love poem which follows, which I found at the first link that popped up when I googled "bad teenage poetry". Again you should get a total…

  • Frogs



    Fun FROGS fact: just as you have a school of fish, a colony of ants, a gaggle of geese or a plague of locusts, the correct term for a collection of frogs is an army. So perhaps frogs can form an organized attack force after all, though you'd never guess it from this movie.

    About a third of the footage in this film is National Geographic style closeups of iguanas, bullfrogs and vipers trying to look as threatening as possible.…