Singin' in the Rain ★★★★★

Has a film ever made you cry not because it was purposely made to be emotional but because it was just so good? Yeah, that's what this film did to me. I know it may be silly that I cried while watching this cheerful and energetic film but as I was watching them perform, I just can't stop thinking about how I am able to enjoy a whole different level of entertainment through a variety of talents and it just made me tearful.

I adored everything in this film — the plot, the music, the choreography, the cinematography, and just every effort they put forth for this masterpiece. It's such a joy to see the performances of incredibly talented people.

As this was about transitioning from producing silent films in the film industry, I also find it really interesting to learn how they worked behind the scenes with less advanced technology at that period of time.

There's a different kind of comfort that this film gives and I'd be sure to watch this again soon. Moreover, this made me appreciate musicals more and I'll definitely be watching more of them from now on.

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