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  • La Jetée

    La Jetée


    One of the most striking elements of La Jetée, for me, is its relevance today. When travelling in the past, the main character creates a word using fragments of what he still remembers. “Real” parks, “real” children. When many of us are stuck at home, having lost all of our references of what is normal, we often catch ourselves daydreaming about “real” parties, “real” human interactions - using “real” as a reference to our previous lifestyle, which seems so distant…

  • The Social Dilemma

    The Social Dilemma


    The scripted scenes were probably unnecessary, and there was a lot of simplification, but overall the documentary is excellent and successfully condenses many of the issues regarding social media in 94 minutes. I hope it will successfully raise more awareness concerning the dangers of these platforms that are clearly taking advantage of our most basic social and biological needs in toxic ways.

    They blame many things SOLELY on social media, when there are definitely a multitude of factors in play…

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  • Wonder Wheel

    Wonder Wheel


    Why can't people simply enjoy this beautiful old school melodrama that is Wonder Wheel? Especially when it has one of the best cinematographies we have seen in the last decade.

    The plot is simple; but that is not a flaw. We quickly grow interest in Kate Winslet's character and thus, we get absorbed by the storyline itself and the fate of this character.

    The sense of timing of Allen in this film also astonished me. Music came in (and out)…

  • The Insult

    The Insult


    Except for a little lack of subtlety during the last 10 minutes of the movie, The Insult is really great. The film speaks for itself, just watch it.
    The actors are on point, it made me very emotional.