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This review may contain spoilers.

edit - still thinking about this film the next day, so deserves a bump up to 4 star. might even correct the grammar and spelling in the revi... wait, what?!

a wonderfully weird ride of obsession, love, and paranoia. not really sure what it's about, murder mystery without a murder(?), class divide or surrealist philosophical social study, ultimately it doesnt matter i guess.

loved the ambigous nature of it all - greenhouses, cat, metaphor, and of course the sneaky nod to lost highway. beautifully shot, and the plot and pacing suits the long runtime, which gives the enigma time to unravel, much like our protagonist.

great film, still don't get the obsession with mime art fruit eating, an orange this time. maybe it's a korean thing, maybe it's a Supreme thing... like Burning i'm sure this mystery will remain unsloved.

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