Almost Famous

Almost Famous ★★★★★

The Bootleg Cut.

Top 10.
Top Tier.
Top Everything.

My first movie watched as a 38 year old, so I made it a good one. The best one. I’ve officially been keeping a log of every movie I’ve watched for a decade now. First entry was on my 28th birthday in August 11th, 2011. 

Hard to believe it was that long ago but here we are. Originally this was being kept on Facebook but then within a year or so I discovered Letterboxd and it’s all history from there. I immediately back logged all my films I had done so you can find my full decade’s diary listed here on Letterboxd. 

Still gives me joy doing this.
Still the best site on the Internet. 

Thank you Letterboxd for being my best friend for a decade.

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