Faeze Pourpeyghambar

Faeze Pourpeyghambar

MSc. Educational Psychology
EFL instructor

Favorite films

  • Das Boot
  • Sling Blade
  • The Tree of Wooden Clogs
  • Jude

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  • Dolores Claiborne


  • Leave No Trace


  • Winter's Bone


  • Alive


Recent reviews

  • Paracelsus



    “Art for Art” on the battlefield of Propaganda

    Known as “The Luther of Medicine”, “The Father of Chemistry”, and “The Godfather of Modern Chemotherapy”; this is the German –Swiss physician Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim that called himself “Paracelsus”. This «founder of toxicology» was a pioneer scientist in the field of chemicals and medicine who was also given credit for the «invention of laudanum», or tincture of opium. He was the first man who understood that opium was more…

  • Silent Light

    Silent Light


    "Talk to me like a father, not like a preacher…
    _ I am both, Johan! You suffer because you think the pain of losing her will never pass, but it will, son!"

    This is maybe my most favorite dialogue from the Stellet Licht or Silent Light, directed by Carlos Reygadas. This stylish dramatic film is about adultery, love triangle, heartbreak, death, confusion, regret, sorrow, and conscience. Stellet Licht pictures Johan, a middle-aged farmer, and his emotional conflicts. He loves his…

Popular reviews

  • Faust



    “He who strives on and lives to strive,
    Can earn redemption still” (V, 11936–7), the end of Act V, Faust.

    Faust, the story of both a hero and an anti-hero at the same time; Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s ageless masterpiece… And off course, Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau’s underrated yet magnificent art of direction, design, costume, makeup, light, shadow, movement, and texture within the frame of upmost importance… which is one of the greatest films of the silent era and a wonderful…

  • Destiny



    Fritz Lang’s silent picture, Der müde Tod or Destiny (1921) which is his most iconic work before Metropolis (1927) and M (1931), depicts a grieving young woman, her recently deceased fiancé, and an unusual sympathetic Grim Reaper! Sympathetic, for I believe that this angel questions the subject of life by acknowledging its worthiness in a moral way.

    Lil Dagover as the young woman after finding Walter Janssen as her beloved man dead, meets the understanding figure of Death, portrayed by…