The Two Popes

The Two Popes ★★★½

2019 ranked

Jonathan Pryce and Anthony Hopkins just gave us some of the best performances of the year, specially Pryce who gives his character the compassion, regret and hope he required. His comedic delivery was particularly remarkable as it never felt out of place or out of character.

Speaking of the comedy, I loved the way they handled it in the film. It’s hard to make a comedy about such a complex and even dark topic. Fernando Meirelles brought some light to the horrific acts of the Church and the military through his quick cuts and his actors’ deliveries. McCarten’s screenplay also deserves a lot of credit, although the second half has these flashbacks that I think fuck with the pacing of the story.

The documentary-like cinematography also worked in favor of the story and the comedic aspect of it. At times, the zooms or some shots felt uninspired, but overall, I really enjoyed it, specially when combined with the quick, magnificent editing.

I don’t know how real Pope Francis’ story is, but I certainly like him a whole lot more than Benedict XVI, so there’s that.

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