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  • Waves



    There's a lot I can respect about this film. That being said, everything I did enjoy still doesn't make it a good movie

  • Bombshell


    I'm trying not to be harsh on this film but my god was it terrible. How did Margot's character go from a Tomi Lahren right wing millennial to a politically ambiguous queer woman in the span of 3 minutes? Charlize attempting to sound like Megyn ended up being a Christian Bale as Batman fiasco that I wanted to end badly and why was it even centered on Megyn and her relationship with Trump? What did that have to do with literally anything? Oh well. Just as I thought, TRASH!

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  • It Follows

    It Follows


    i'm never going to have sex again!
    *has a dick in my mouth an hour later*

  • Wild



    *walks a block home from the bus stop* i'm reese witherspoon in wild!