Suicide Squad ★½

This movie....just hurt. The trailers really had me thinking that this would be the first good movie in the DCEU. I saw the reviews beforehand and told myself that there was NO WAY it was that bad. But....I think this was even worse than the reviews are saying......Man, I'm sorry this just was not good. From the beginning, it was just so MESSY. Things were happening without any kind of structure as we get these unnecessary and half-baked flashbacks/origin stories for nearly every character. So many of the jokes don't land and it was just awkward and uncomfortable the whole time. There is also WAY too much music that plays throughout the whole movie and it feels so awkwardly placed and honestly I just started laughing every time a new song started playing because it was just sad.

The action scenes were not thrilling or fun, the direction was sloppy, the plot was...nonexistent?? I mean what the fuck was this? The saving grace in this movie is its cast. Margot Robbie is in her own movie and feels so out of place but fuck, her movie looks interesting as hell. She was way too underused though, and that's how I feel about everyone in this movie. Viola Davis and Will Smith were also great! Jared Leto as The Joker was.....uneventful, he was barely in it and his performances was too try-hard for me. There were WAY too many characters and none of them make an impression, either they needed to do a better job handling this many characters, or cut down and focus on developing just four or five characters because Katana was a waste and so was Killer Croc. And Cara Delevingne as Enchantress was pretty damn hard to watch, not only was the character a mess, but the acting was just bad.

I could keep going on about how much I did not like this movie and the hundred other things wrong with it but I do not want to and I do not want to sound like a bully. I really have been rooting for these DC movies and they continually let me down, where I don't think I'm even going to get excited about Wonder Woman. I can't believe how badly this one turned out.

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