Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★

Quentin Tarantino's fairy tale about growing old, self-acceptance, and finding purpose amid a changing generational landscape.

I'm going to take a swing at this and probably miss, but it's like if Jackie Brown had a baby with Inglorious Basterds. Like a 1960s tinseltown Homer's Odyssey, with Leo as Odysseus.

Someone on here had wrote that this is essentially QT's Dazed and Confused, and for the most part it is. Just a slice of life/day in the life of three individuals at different points experiencing what life has in store for them.

I'm surprised though that I liked this film as much as I did since (unpopular opinion) i'm not a fan of Linklater's first major film, and similar types of films.

I'm still trying to process why, but I think It's really because of how much care that goes into crafting the three lead roles. You can't help but root for Leo and Pitt since they can't help but try and get ahold of an industry that no longer requires their service. The force of commerce sweeping two seasoned veterans under the rug, while never really giving them a full shot.

Juxtaposed to this, there's Tate. Whose innocent, wide-eyed enthusiasm is ushering in the next wave. Nothing is going to stop her from getting seizing every moment of her opportunity as a rising starlet. New Hollwood vs. Old Hollywood. Neighbors.

I don't think i'll revisit this if I ever wanted to dive back into Tarantino's body of work, but I'd be more than happy to see the four hour Cannes cut of this. It falls kind of right in the middle/upper-tier of his filmog. I don't think i've seen a theater erupt in a non-tentpole film during the last half hour since maybe Get Out.

This is going to clearly be a divisive film, but would it be art if it wasn't?

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