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  • 2 Friends

    2 Friends


    If this is how good it is just at the beginning, I am beyond hype to see more from Campion. Simply just loved every single minute of this. An outstanding cast, where I felt captivated by every single person on screen, which is hard to achieve in general, let alone for a clearly cheap TV movie(??). The script is the obvious highlight here; not just the choice to play the fading friendship in reverse, but the way it never lays…

  • Kissed



    Even though it doesn't feel like it stylistically, nor is it a horror film, the movie I was reminded of the most was Amer. Being it's a highly stylized examination of a young woman's sexuality forming over time, at three distinct periods in life, all having sex and death warp together, before they can't be untwined. There's also more than few elements that resonate with my favorite movie idea of my own, so that was equally inspiring and deflating. So…

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  • Buffalo '66

    Buffalo '66


    This shouldn't work. It should be deplorable, convoluted, annoying, and pretentious. It should make me feel sick, I should hate this, I should never want to look at Vincent Gallo, and I should wash this away from my life. But I just can't. It just works. It's magical really. Brilliant performances all around, wild stylistic choices, and a moving tale of a horrible protagonist (that you somehow feel bad for (sometimes)) slowly learning to accept, take responsibility, and love. What…

  • The Shape of Water

    The Shape of Water

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Look. I’m gonna try my best to stay calm, and logical, because I don’t want to get into debates, and I don’t want to just shit on something that I know a lot of people love. Everyone has their own opinion, and I respect that. This was simply not for me. In fact this is the fourth Guillermo Del Toro film I’ve seen, and it’s the fourth I haven’t liked (Pan’s Labryinth (2.5), Hellboy (1.5), And Crimson Peak (.5)). There’s…