Cry-Baby ★★★★½

Holding off from giving this a five until the re-watch, to know if it can maintain it's excellence beyond the initial sensory overload. Very much in the pocket of things I would call, "my shit". I was cracking up through all of it, but also just enjoying hanging out in this batshit world. Should probably admit this is my first Waters, and maybe that's why the PG-13 Charm worked on me, but I am very eager to check out his raunchier side, cause this was already pretty horny, and out there. But ya know what, it reminded me so much of Demme, being that, through all the absurd mockery, there's a genuine beating heart here that Waters clearly cares about this world, and these people, and it's this kind of balance with the sardonic pastiche mockery, that strikes a special chord with me. So I know I'm gonna return and love this forever...

Though, I must say, my memory of this has been immediately overcrowded by the film I just watched, considering, in a weird way, they're the same movie... but more on that soon (two logs from now).

Edit: the movie in question is Dirty Dancing.

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