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  • La Commune (Paris, 1871)

    La Commune (Paris, 1871)


    So angry. So chaotic. So passionate. So brilliant. So relevant. This film is an exhausting watch that is well worth it. Even though it tells you that it’s an reenactment right off the bat, it still manages to be completely immersive. It pretty much tackles all angles of a revolution, and with its timeless themes of media manipulation, Peter Watkins’ rule-breaking docudrama style makes him the perfect person to make a film about this event. He had his own schtick and…

  • Girl with Hyacinths

    Girl with Hyacinths


    Pretty damn amazing. Firstly, from a visual standpoint, this is noir at its finest. It’s absolutely coated in shadow and each shot is just pitch perfect. Despite it being pretty dark, it’s also kinda warm and inviting? Hard to explain but I was completely sucked in.

    Secondly, the story here is captivating. It’s hard to explain why without spoiling it, but it’s so well written and the ending is just perfect. A lot of people seem to be comparing it…

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  • Sicily!



    The dialogue in this moves at such a distinctly beautiful rhythm that it makes me wish I spoke the language, because I don’t think it hits the same when translated through subtitles. The long, back and forth scene with the main character and his mother was particularly intense, I felt like I was getting whiplash. This is a beautiful film that really rips off the rose tinted glasses of nostalgia and presents the truth in an unfiltered, unstained black and white. Gonna have to give this one a second watch.

  • The End of the Track

    The End of the Track


    Beautiful film. I’m pretty sure this is the oldest Taiwanese film that I’ve seen. Definitely see some flourishes of the style that would later become trademarks of the Taiwanese New Wave years later, like some incredible wide shots, a heavy grasp on the coming of age genre, and an ability to express so much while saying so little (well until the ending at least). It’s pretty stylistically unique in its own right, however. It’s a lot more kinetic than I…

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  • Ossos



    Finally saw a Costa film and this was really something intriguing. It’s funny to me that I just watched La Notte last night, because this reminded me a lot of Antonioni and how he heavily used suppressive environments and a lesser emphasis on expositional dialogue to portray themes of alienation. The biggest difference is obviously that the type of environments portrayed in his films and the one portrayed here are very, very, very different. I also loved the sound design use of diegetic music throughout this, as huge sucker for that kind of stuff it was all so pleasing to listen to. Incredible film.

  • La Notte

    La Notte


    Falling in love with Antonioni all over again. Good god the atmosphere in this film is incredible. His films hit a lot harder as I get older. Also Don Draper has great taste in movies.