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  • Blame It on Fidel!

    Blame It on Fidel!


    “Ah, she confused group solidarity with sheep mentality.”

    Watching this kid act is like the closest thing we’ll ever get to seeing a performance Garbo might’ve given as a child. She gives off that vibe. Remarkably mature, serious, intelligent. 

    It’s striking that this movie has time for wit and doesn’t feel like a drab, heavy experience considering that the entire thing is framed around politics (and, to a lesser extent, religion). It would be very easy for this kind of…

  • Pluto's Party

    Pluto's Party


    Would be funnier if it had a bit more bite to it (Donald’s nephews would wipe the floor with this bunch. Did that crossover ever happen? I feel like probably not.) As it is, it’s a pleasant enough time and also has an unsettling minor key rendition of Happy Birthday when Pluto has to be chased down for a bath.

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  • Wild Nights with Emily

    Wild Nights with Emily


    Smh @ all y’all looking down through your monocles at the low budget this movie had to work with. As if lesbian films - especially independent ones, especially ones actually made by lesbians! - are so easy to get funding for. For every CAROL that comes along, there’s several continuing a (proud? Unfortunate) tradition of lesbian films that had to be made on the cheap because people with money/power figured the only profitable category lesbianism belonged in was porn. This…

  • Women I Love

    Women I Love


    There’s this moment in the film when a woman smiles up at her lover while resting between her legs and that smile made a brief distinction for me between what is pornographic and what just Is. Lesbian filmmakers like Hammer help reclaim the nude female body from breathy girly gasps and clean-shavenness and giggling and shows them instead for the beauty that they have just by virtue of existing as they are.