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This review may contain spoilers.

The start of this film was rocky, I got my hopes up during the scene where they planned how they were going to steal the money because I thought the montage(?) of them executing the plan while they were explaining it was good, but then it just dragged. The plot had potential I feel like it definitely could’ve been executed better, all the scenes with Caesar would’ve actually had some impact if the mob story was developed more in the beginning, that could just be me though as at the beginning I found the mob stuff hard to follow. I enjoyed the ending, the representation couldve been worse, I think that the main characters, especially Corky, needed to be fleshed out more, Violet is the only character that felt like a real person to me. Caesar was so intolerable, obviously youre not supposed to like him because he’s the villian but god I just couldn’t stand him. Overall, it was okay, I dont know if I’d recommend it, I tried not to have too high hopes but it still kinda let me down, gets 3 stars for the ending & Jennifer Tilly