Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ½

TW: Discussion of grooming and pedophilia

This film is aesthetically-pleasing grooming.

I had heard so much about this film, so when it was added to netflix I thought I’d watch it, it’s a critically acclaimed queer film, surely it had to be good.
It wasn’t.
It’s clear to me that majority of the critics that are acclaiming this film are straight.
It is a stereotype that older gay men are all pedophiles who prey on little boys and younger men, which is a horrific generalisation and it’s not fair that queer men are associated with this stereotype, but in an attempt to avoid people believing this stereotype is correct, the problem with grooming and pedophilia in the LGBTQ+ is often overlooked and ignored.
Young queer people, specifically queer men, often get groomed by older queer people as it can often be difficult to find romance with people their own age. 

Call Me By Your Name is an excellent example of this, Elio is 17 and Oliver is 24. For someone Elios age, this is an incredibly uncomfortable and unhealthy age-gap. I hate how romanticised their relationship is, I hate how this film turned the trauma of queer youth into an aesthetic. I hate how because of films like Call Me By Your Name, young queer people getting in romantic and/or sexual relationships 
with people older than them is normalised. 
The film has pretty visuals and a good soundtrack, which would be a good thing if it contribute to the aestheticised trauma of the queer community.
Fuck this film.

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