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  • Kill la Kill: Goodbye Once Again

    Kill la Kill: Goodbye Once Again


    Any of you guys played Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time? Well remember how the phenomenal final fight with the Elder Princess Shroob kinda got slighted by the tacked on fight with Bowser after? Imagine that, except it doesn’t suck, that’s basically Goodbye Once Again. Aside from wrapping up one small loose end from the show that didn’t even cross my mind, it’s arguably not necessary overall. It’s still worth a watch just to see the cast again for one last…

  • Kill la Kill

    Kill la Kill


    Either my standards have gone out the goddamn window as of late or I’ve turned completely butt fuck insane, ok that last one is indisputable regardless, BUT STILL! This has ZERO right to be as good as it is, like why in God’s name is this goofy shit so strong in the character department? Why did I get this emotionally invested in the antics of a crazy girl with giant scissors, her sentient vampire clothes and her goofy best friend…

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