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  • Homecoming



    The first time I ever watched this I thought it was shit. I thought " Where the fuck is the horror?"
    But it's not really a horror film. watching it now and reading a couple of reviews it actually clicks and it's a homage to George's political zombie films/themes.

    Also note, There's a grave that says G.A Romero

  • Pick Me Up

    Pick Me Up


    Honestly, Its the one I always remember and it's the best story. It would totally work well with an extra 20-30mins

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  • Twin Peaks: The Return

    Twin Peaks: The Return


    18 hours of my life I wont get back.
    You're all jerking off because it's Lynch. Surprise people, even your favourites can make shit sometimes.
    A lot of wank. Way to slow paced. What was shown in the 18 eps could have been fitted into at least 12. And then the other 6 eps would extend the story. This seriously didn't need to be 18 episodes. fucking hell.
    I was waiting for things to connect like they did in the…

  • Firecracker



    Topless martial arts fight scene. 2 bamboo poles stabbing someones eyes out. And a sexy foreplay scene.
    Also, I gotta say. That every-time I watch a Philippino Martial arts film. Their spinning back kick looks terrible.