A New York Christmas Wedding

One of my deepest regrets is not transitioning and coming out sooner. The idea of being able to go back and change all that is... overwhelming. To present this Christmas fantasy of a queer woman being able to live the queer life she missed out on is to tap into something many, many queer and trans people yearn for. It's remarkably powerful, even in its awkward execution.

It leans a bit heavily on a certain amount of assimilationist fantasy--centering marriage as a goal--but underneath that is the simple and potent idea that not living as yourself is, well, horrible. It is couched partly in missing out on true love, but it's inescapable to see this as a juxtaposition of living truly as one's self against living in the closet.

I don't know if the budget limited this or lack of experience or what, but you can see a truly great movie in there somewhere. Some work on the dialogue, on the pacing, on the acting and it could be an amazing film. Still, I'm happy it exists at all.

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