Claire's Knee

As direct as some of the dialogue is in this film, I am still unsure if I should take it at face value. Jerome's bizarre flirtations and awkward manipulations in this are generally creepy, despite his assertions of love for his fiance. The teenaged targets of his experiment are largely unwitting and while they have at least depth of character to some degree--not a very large one by any measure--they still remain part of the story solely as targets for his project. It just felt awkward at best to witness this.

That the film seems to capture a lot of interesting relationship dynamics and explore them from a slight remove just makes the creepiness all the more unfortunate, as it's a very interesting exploration. The crush Laura has on Jerome, the friendly ex-lover vibe Jerome has with Aurora, the objective desire Jerome has for Claire('s knee), the tempestuous relationship Claire has with her boyfriend, and so on each tackle another facet of romance in a natural seeming way, actually, though the clinical approach Jerome professes in his descriptions to Aurora detract from that. It's a rather mixed result.

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