The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre ★★★★★

Things I noticed this time:

* The grisly bone and rotting flesh intro would be more terrifying if silent, maybe? Certainly the news reports handle the exposition, but I have to wonder what it'd be like to just stare in silence at that monument of death.

* The symbol in blood on the van looks a little like a meat hook to me.

* My memory might be shaky, but things happened in different places than I recalled. The first time I saw it, in my head, Kirk's death happened at the front door and not further in the house. This time, I remembered it didn't happen at the front door, but I couldn't recall exactly where. I remembered Leatherface being beaten by the Cook in the hallway but it happens deeper into the house. This spatial distortion is interesting; the film's angles and movements and soundtrack are all violently disorienting, yet the set is pretty clear and simple. In the moment, you can follow it. In retrospect, things become less clear.

* Franklin looking up from the weird bone offering on the ground in the ruins of his father's house just to see a bone talisman hanging down is an underrated moment of unnerving imagery, and possibly an influence on Blair Witch Project, visually speaking?

* Franklin's overreaction to the Hitchhiker cutting his own hand is more drawn out than I remembered. Definitely not the best performance in the film.

* I don't have the energy to do it, and I touched on it in my first review of this, but there's a whole essay that can be written by the use of colors in this film. It's beautiful in a very, very disturbing way.

* The main adjective of this film is "disturbing." Not a moment of its relatively lean runtime is wasted on anything but scraping that layer of nerves just under your skin.

Seeing this on the big screen with surround sound is an experience well worth having. I recommend it.

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