I Care a Lot

I Care a Lot ★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

Incredibly misguided in everything it went for. I suspect this movie wanted to create a #girlboss version of Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street but lacks any of the comedic beats or compassion for any of the characters, apart from the elderly. This is all based off a heinous scam too, I recall reading about the real life story this scam is based on and thinking how awful it was; I can't imagine how you read that and say, "I want to make movie about the abhorrent, repugnant villain of this story, portraying them in a largely positive light. Yasss Qween". As I watched, I was hoping this was a satire, that it was panning the same feminism that simply wants women to be as evil as men are allowed to be, but it seems to embrace and exult it instead. Once the Russian Mafia appear, there is hope that we will move to the more absurd, from Dinklage throwing smoothies to Messina's flamboyant lawyer schtick, and then start the journey of Marla's downfall. Yet, there is no irony, no comeuppance for Marla, she gets almost exactly what she wants. Her successes are celebrated because they are against men, her revolting behaviour ignored. At one point in the film, she comments how the mafia are not playing by the rules, which should be seen as largely hypocritical, but the movie mostly agrees with her, allowing her to use the rules to "win". Her only loss comes at the end when a MAGA-appearing man comes in, calling her a "bitch", which wants to evoke imagery of a Trump-supporting misogynist being the one to end her success without realizing that audiences would come to hate Marla too.

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