Mr Hitchpenis shows his mastery by pulling off a stunt so ahead of its time it would be widely recognized as innovative in 2014 when Birdman successfully aped its conceit of a single take film.. Now considered in many circles one of Hitches masterpieces, I think its a bit too flawed to be held in the same breath as his greatest films. My biggest issue is that without a mystery of what happened and knowing that a 1948 film was not going to let our killers go free, it felt like only a matter of time before Jimmy Stewart opened up that chest and saved the day. At 80 minutes it gets to that conclusion swiftly and in an entertaining way but without the tension or a lot of the humor of his other films I would say this is second tier Hitchcock.

Below is a documentary Rope Unleashed. This is a really solid documentary because it showcases some of the problems the screenwriter and actors had with the production while also acknowledging and exploring Hitchcock's daring to try such a stunt. It also explores the homosexual element of the film which was readily apparent to me and further shows a filmmaker who would do all he could to skirt the conventions of the time.

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