funkshoi has written 5 reviews for films rated ★★★½ .

  • Soul



    This felt like one of the more disjointed of the Pixar movies I’ve seen. I’m usually a fan of the Disney charm, the heavy-handed life lessons, and unexpected dropkick in the feels, but this felt like two movies awkwardly stitched together. 
    The movie frames itself a bit as telling a Black story about a jazz musician, but that is only half the movie and it carried no real weight on the other half set in a sterile, quasi-afterlife. So it felt…

  • Run



    Really creepy and all around fun thriller. Predictable at times but whatever, it’s great.

  • Agnelli



    So that’s where Fiats come from.

  • Nerve



    Totally fun movie about a some kids held hostage by a live-streaming social media platform that offers cash for dares while being monitored by the voyeristic ‘watchers’. This feels like a modern Cronenberg movie in the way it draws upon a disturbing relationship people have with each other through technology– in this case twitch and any camwhore site where viewers pay to watch and interact. The film explores this and goes into a much darker place. Not totally unlike Videodrome, but more action-y. Also with a 🔥 soundtrack.

  • Monster



    A true tale of terrible people being absolutely terrible without a shred of any kind of redemption between them. Movie title is accurate.