Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★½

- Zack Snyder was like Snyder Cut had a hopeful ending (TheKnightmare scene is not the ending it’s a view at an alternate universe) so let’s just give this a really depressing ending. 

- This movie is a slow burn up until Vegas and even then it still felt slow. It takes like 56 minutes to get to the zombies actually start doing something (56 mins exactly is when the Queen and those other two find the perv) and even then they still don’t do very much till the end stuff. 

- Let’s face it the tiger was complete trailer bait. Zack knew it was cool and that we’d probably all watch to see it in action. 

- This would probably suck more if it wasn’t for the good acting, great make up, and some good occasional gore. Past that it’s nothing much honestly. 

- Some of the zombies seem smarter then some humans. I about lost it because of how stupid some of the humans acted.

- The behind the scenes stuff for this movie is extremely impressive. The team was clearly dedicated to make an impressive from a technical stand point movie.

- Overall a pretty decent movie with good acting, great makeup and gore that probably shouldn’t of run as long as it did but for parts of it wasn’t that bad.

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