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  • The Invincible Armour

    The Invincible Armour


    The dramatic heft of this “man wrongfully accused of murder” story is just about nil, but it’s stuffed so full of twists and cliffhangers that it keeps the interstitial bits between the fight scenes pleasingly buoyant, full of characters leaping from off-screen ready to do battle for some such reason or another. There are loads of fight scenes in this thankfully, so I was rarely looking at my watch waiting for the plot to make itself scarce. The fights here…

  • Youth of the Beast

    Youth of the Beast


    Seijun Suzuki colors in a Yojimbo/Red Harvest storyline with his own brand of stylistic weirdness that’s at once beautiful and sordid. Jo Shishido’s chipmunk-cheeked hitman-for-sale navigates tensions between two rival gangs as he unravels the mystery behind a personal vendetta. This emphasis on character backstory, along with Suzuki’s own brand of stylization, help set this apart from being just another rehash. Things get darker as they go, changing the tone from hard-edged fun to a similar brand of grimy and…

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  • A Christmas Story Live!

    A Christmas Story Live!


    “Hey what if we turned A Christmas Story into an extended Old Navy commercial? Like really *really* extended.”


  • The Lighthouse

    The Lighthouse


    31 Days of Horror #19

    This was extremely my shit, which is why it bugs me a little that the narrative structure of the thing was a bit of a let down amidst all the absolutely amazing cinematography, sound design, and bits of sea-faring dialogue (including a monumental Melvillian monologue precipitated by an insult to one’s cooking skills). The rub is that the movie is about two men going mad together, but they both start out at like an 8…