Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ★★★★½

The film that inspired a hundred minecart levels in video games (this particular rewatch was precipitated by Mine Cart Carnage from Donkey Kong Country). If “anything goes” is this film’s mission statement, the amazing minecart sequence is its closing argument; buckle up kids, you’re going for a ride. And that’s what Temple of Doom really is, a spooked out rollercoaster where the joy is in being hurled from action setpiece, to gross-out gag, and back again, all the while safely admiring the insane themed craftsmanship of the backdrops and the manic energy that went into every lurch of the film. And just like a rollercoaster there are moments where things slow down and you can catch your breath, but that just means the next drop is going to be even bigger. Say what you will about how it’s too crass or nasty or annoying, but the series never offered bigger drops than these.

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