Space Jam: A New Legacy

Space Jam: A New Legacy ★½

“That’s all folks.”

LeBron dabbing and the director of Night School were a warning of what was to come. 

Space Jam 2 felt like that illusive sequel that would never see the light of day. A movie people have wanted but just never happened, at least from what I seen on the internet as the film was first announced. And as someone who watched the original and it’s sequel back to back, I can tell you this is not Space Jam. 

The original Space Jam I won’t mention much since I just reviewed it, is a strange look back at the 90s. And this movie is a Frankenstein’s monster of different eras of media and references.

Someone at Warner Bros was probably smart enough to realize that the Looney Tunes has lost a lot of its relevance in today’s youth. So they thought, instead of just the Looney Tunes, why not use all our ip’s. Which is good, in concept. Execution wise, it’s a very hard balancing act. You have to find that sweet spot where it’s not a safe area and not a corporate ad. The Lego Batman movie and Wreck it Ralph 2 (most of the movie) would be my examples of that sweet spot. And yet Space Jam plays it way too safe. Movies are referenced, we only get to be in the worlds for so little time, and them being in the crowd was cool, probably the best part of the movie, but it’s not enough. Now frankly I wouldn’t know how you get that sweet spot in this movie since I’m not a Hollywood writer but Warner should have just stuck with the Looney Tunes.

The acting in this movie is pretty bad as well. Now the Looney Tunes people those are great. Don Cheadle was a lot fun to see, just eating the scenery, I love it. But the other actors are eh. LeBron James just can’t hold the same presence as Michael Jordan, even with him trying.

But the worst part of this movie is the plot/heart. The original Space Jam had no crazy plot or message, yet it still had something emotional to it that held it all together, heart. Space Jam 2 is a bland, unoriginal plot that does not try anything special and doesn’t try to reach the heart of the original.

Was this movie a bad experience, no I laughed, the basketball scenes and looney tune chaotic action was done exceptional. And that scene of Bugs pulling a SPOILER, was tearful, Oscar worthy. But this movie isn’t bad, it’s something worse than bad, it’s forgettable. And if I can’t remember a film I watched a day from now, I say that’s when a film fails.

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