Space Jam: A New Legacy

Space Jam: A New Legacy ★★

People have been bashing on this, and like I get it. But it’s Space Jam, it’s not The Godfather or Parasite… it’s Space Jam. The first one isn’t particularly that great either lol. And this isn’t a great movie. It’s just good, it’s not god awful. I think the cameos were pretty good, except the King Kong Training Day joke 🙄, and obviously Notorious P.I.G….. ugh. But sides that the cameos were good. I love NBA basketball and Lebron is definitely not my favorite player, and he’s not a good actor lol. I haven’t seen Train wreck but I watched the scene on YouTube and he was alright. And seeing my boi Klay Thompson in this was amazing (please be healthy for next year 🙏). And yes it’s VERY cringy. But besides bad moments here and there, I had a fun time with this. It’s definitely not a great film, but it has some great laughs and stuff that makes it watchable. And fans of NBA and the original Space Jam will enjoy it!!

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