Space Sweepers ★★★

I knew there was a reason I was only excited for this film because of Kim Tae-ri’s long awaited return, and I wonder why it took her so long to finally pick a new project and she chose this??? Why Taeri??? 😭 

I had a feeling this was going to be a shallow popcorn film, and my level of disappointment was surpassed, it was indeed very shallow, and there was too much cringe that made it hard for me to enjoy this film. And a bunch of terrible F-list white actors who look like they’re being dubbed by other people (they’re that bad) getting more screen time than Kim Tae-ri, one of the biggest stars and most acclaimed actors in Korea (and promoted as co-lead of the film), was just outrageous to me. 

And this leads to the biggest flaw with this film, like a lot of Korean productions trying to be international, with all the F-list foreign actors they hire which are extremely cringe to watch, and they got way too much screen time, and even worse one of them being the main villain of the film. And this also had too much unexpected (and unwanted) English language.

3 stars just cause I’m physically incapable of giving a very low rating to a Kim Taeri film.

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