In the Mood for Love

In the Mood for Love ★★★★★

i was having a bit of a rough day up until a few hours ago, so naturally i decided to pick a random movie of my watchlist to distract myself.

at the beginning, i thought watching such a dense movie would actually make me feel even worse, but the scenes were picking my interest so much that i decided to give it a try anyway. and god, i'm so thankful i did.

i wasn't wrong. this movie is *pretty fucking dense*. and it's melancholic and bittersweet and it makes you feel everything. it's 90 minutes of the feeling of anxiety before the first kiss and the feeling of heartbreak because something so beautiful didn't work out.

it didn't make me feel worse because it made me feel things. i feel lighter in a way, even though the movie's a tough watch.

so yeah.. thanks, wong kar-wai. thanks for putting feelings so beautifully on the screen.

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