Black Christmas

Black Christmas ★½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

The most amazing thing to me about the third BLACK CHRISTMAS is that somebody must have read the screenplay and given it a “green light.”  This thing is a mess.
Didn’t I see that it had a generally poor score from other Viewers?  Yes, but here is my thought process:
* In the year of the Pandemic, I’m not even remotely in a Holiday spirit ... so, a mad slasher film about Christmas could be fun.  (And, after all, I really enjoyed the original.)
* As the film gets underway, it looks like it may be pulling some things from the SCREAM playbook.  Oh, wait a minute.  The hooded killer isn’t from SCREAM.  This killer looks more at home in EYES WIDE SHUT.  (I did think that the snow angel was a nice touch, though.)
* It seems like more familiar territory at the sorority house.  But, there looks like there is going to be a “date rape” message here.  Well, that could add an interesting dimension.
* In the classroom scene, I discover it is not a “date rape” issue.  It is a “gender equity” issue.  Hmmm.
* Okay, it’s definitely a “gender equity” issue, but it is also a “racial” issue as I’m introduced to the fraternity cult.  By the way, there’s more strengthening of the EYES WIDE SHUT connection.  It’s not SCREAM.
* Ah, it’s not a killer.  It’s killers.  And none of the potential targets are behaving as I’d expect someone to behave in such a situation.
* Wait a minute.  We’ve entered full-blown Dennis Wheatley territory with supernatural recruitment into the Black Arts.
* Well, I don’t need to watch ENTER THE DRAGON again anytime soon.  I’ve just seen the good warriors take on the evil warriors.
* So, wasn’t this supposed to be BLACK CHRISTMAS?
Final thought: “Up On The Housetop” composer, Benjamin Hanby, must be cringing in his grave.

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