The Secret Life of Pets 2 ★★

They really said “Who needs a plot?” with this one. Nothing happens and yet a bunch of stuff happens. Doesn’t even feel like a movie, more like cartoon episodes.

So the Tiffany Haddish dog gets off a plane and goes to the Kevin Hart bunny asking for help saving the baby tiger, but they never explain how she knew who he is, or where to find him. Like they literally didn’t give a fuck. And then when they go to save the tiger, she does everything and he does nothing. Could’ve just gone by yourself, Tiffany Haddish dog. At least her design was cute and appealing. 

The Eric Stonestreet dog who was pretty prominent in the last movie gets nothing in this one. He’s not even there for the climax. 

Best part of the movie is when they showed real videos of dogs and kids during the credits.

Anyways this was a whole lot of nothing. Why did I bother writing all of this, no one over the age of four cares about this movie.

Final verdict, Illumination’s biggest crime is putting Ellie Kemper in these movies and giving her nothing funny or interesting to say.

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