Total Recall ★★★★

If it was good enough for my high school hardcore band to sample, it should be good enough for you to watch. On my hundredth watch, really noticed how much damage Arnold’s nuts take in this movie. Twice in the Sharon Stone fight alone. Verhoven also loves Arnold’s growl. Speaking of, how great is Verhoven huh? The man can create a fascist future vibe like no one else. Certainly you watch it enough and you see the flaws especially in logic (wait if you take a vacation from yourself, do you think you are a spy for your whole life? You know it was fake right? And I’m no...geologist? Ecologist? Don’t even know what scientists would explain it doesn’t take 5 minutes to create an atmosphere. Right? Happy Earth Day). My wife’s favorite part is pointing out the limitations of future thinking. A world where you can change your fingernail color with a pen but it still has to be chained to a cable like you are signing a receipt. THAT BEING SAID. It’s the best!