Gavin Ramsden

Gavin Ramsden


So many films, so little time.

Favorite films

  • Back to the Future
  • Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
  • Akira
  • Office Space

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  • Encanto


  • Full Contact


  • Woman at War


  • Double Team


Pinned reviews

  • Parasite



    Only my second watch, my first one being at the cinemas over a year ago. This film is still phenomenal. There's so much personal style and flair but it doesn't feel overdone or out of place as the directorial flourishes contribute to the films themes and tone. This film is such a wild ride. It's charming, thrilling and has a lot to say.
    Sidenote; After being more versed in Korean cinema I now understand why Song Kang-Ho being taught how to act is hilarious.

  • Sound of Metal

    Sound of Metal


    Heartwarming one moment and heartwrenching the next. An incredible peformance from Riz Ahmed. Audio is also used very effectively and creatively, not only putting you in the characters shoes, but shifting the tone of the film.

Recent reviews

  • Encanto



    Kind of freaky how good these disney animations are beginning to look now, incredible stuff. Unlike Raya this film utilises animation to make the impossible possible and present fantastic otherworldy visuals. Had a great time with this one.

  • Full Contact

    Full Contact


    Incredible and frankly psychotic honk kong action packed into a tight tale of revenge, loved this. Keen to dive into some Ringo Lam works this year.

Popular reviews

  • Don't Look Up

    Don't Look Up


    Pretty hilarious, pretty fucked up and pretty tonally bizarre. Don't Look Up can be a little on the nose at times but my god is it a wild ride if you just go with it. There's so frustration oozing from the film and it's coming from such a real place. The main performances by Leo and Lawrence are just fantastic, and Chalemet is just freakin awesome.

  • Old



    Had a great time with this, utilising the inevitable process of aging and weaponising it against its characters makes for some great horror and Shyamalan really has some fun with it. The ending feels a bit rushed/neat but it felt great seeing a Hollywood production trust its film-maker to make something original and different.