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This review may contain spoilers.

Top five moments of this movie that made me SCREAM:
5) after a half hour of horny buildup only for Hardin to say “I don’t date” and she screams “ArE You FrEAKINg KiDdING mE?!?”
4) the modest clothing she wore at the beginning of the movie hahaysgsgsbzh
3) when they were in the bathtub and he traced the words “I love you” on her back and he was like “do you know what I wrote” and she was like “no tell it to me”....y’all GOOFY
2) her MOM walking in in her about to bone Voldemort and then cutting her off???? Mother of the year
1) THAT twist! The only way it would have been better is if they had kept in the part about the bloody bedsheets Hardin showed all his friends to prove he took her virginity 🤪🤩

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