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  • Varsity Blues

    Varsity Blues


    Essentially, a metaphor for toppling a dictatorship. So the fact that they never tear down Jon Voight's statue is upsetting.

  • A Clockwork Orange

    A Clockwork Orange


    Spent the better part of a week with A Clockwork Orange.

    Began by reading Burgess' novel for the first time. I'm guessing it's been about 15 years since my first and only viewing of the film, so while I definitely remember some of the more striking visuals from the film, the narrative foundation was far from fresh in my mind.

    Reading the novel, particularly the moments set in the Milk Bar, I was struck by how unique Kubrick's vision was.…

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  • Breathless



    There’s a common saying that one should not miss the forest
    For the trees. Well, perhaps on my first viewing of Jean-Luc Godard’s
    Masterwork I missed the trees for
    The forest
    There’s a scene where Michel rejects a newspaper
    With no horoscope
    In this moment there is a line of dialogue about the future. Are you curious about the future? Is that rhetorical or am I breaking the fourth wall? Would it matter? Is this moving the plot forward? Is…

  • Birth of the Living Dead

    Birth of the Living Dead


    Birth of the Living Dead has a less than enthusiastic voiceover narration, which at the outset of this documentary is used in broad fashion to demonstrate the popularity of the modern zombie over lots of still photographs. It feels like this is going to be a rote doc.

    It's not. It's really quite fantastic. Once the film gives over to the much more enthusiastic thoughts and opinions of the likes of George A. Romero (charming), Elvis Mitchell (enlightening), Mark Harris…