Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead

I'm don't know where to start in trying to explain how many plot holes this film has. Maybe at rewatch, I'm gonna point the problem this film has.

Let's start with the positive side. It's entertaining more than other films that tries too hard to be a zombie film, and there are some bits unexpected things that I did not really expect. But when trying to think of it, that unexpected thing that has just happened is actually stupid.

I know that it's trying to be a stupid fun film. But it takes itself seriously with all its dramatic dialogue and all that to add a little bit of character to these characters. But it added nothing.

Even if I shut my brain off, the film won't make any sense. It is more stupid than I expected because it tries to be too serious and dramatic. They could've just made like a Grindhouse film.

The technical aspects of the film is pretty bad too, the visual effects looks so bad, the camera, the makeup adds nothing to the zombies rather than looking more stupid than they was in normal.

The film tries to ripoff many films and TV shows. It feels like "Indiana Jones and the Walking Attack on the Game of Thrones in the Fury Road"

All that's been said, it is a fun, entertaining, horrendous and stupid film.

Directing - 1/5
Writing - 0.5/5
Cinematography - 1/5
Acting - 1/5
Design - 1.5/5
Visual Effects - 1.5/5
Editing - 1/5
Pacing - 1/5
Sound - 1/5


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