David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet

You can say what you want about the severity of Climate Change but one thing you can’t disagree with is that IT IS REAL. In my short nearly 18 year life I, myself have seen the disaster that’s been going on first hand to the natural world around us and that’s what makes me incredibly sad. The world is a place for all creatures not just us, we all need to take action to save our environment because only that way we can all keep living in this beautiful world around us. Whilst the documentary can come over preachy, it’s needed for the point it’s trying to make. 

In my first draft of this review I joked around and had some fun but that’s not what the point of this documentary is. The world around us needs looking after and that’s what David Attenborough has spent his life telling us. This documentary shows the beauty of the natural world and how us, as a population, are speeding up the cause of climate change and putting these life forms at risk. The look back of David’s life shows us how the world has changed in his lifetime. How in 93 years we’ve gone from a population of 2 billion, to a population of nearly 8 billion and how this has caused a monumental impact to our environment. Saving the planet isn’t just for the wildlife, it’s for us. Mankind is the dominant species on Earth so because of this we must help in the effort to stop the impending disaster that our world is becoming and make it into “the garden of Eden” that the world once was. 

Now I’m sorry about going on a rant with this but it is our responsibility to stop this now and it’s something I feel very strongly about. Us, the newer generation must take action and demand change as the ending result of our world could be catastrophic to our way of life. David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet is one of the most impactful, important and beautiful documentaries you’ll see this year and it’s one I recommend with the hugest honour I can. His witness statement is reality. 

Please understand that the health of the world is our responsibility. We must introduce change. 

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