The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It ★★★

So last night I went on a date, she picked the film and thus I spent the night watching The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It…a fact that went against all my better judgements as I’ve never seen a film from this franchise. That being said, I absolutely fell for it! 

Now, horror has never been my forte. It’s a genre that, despite hundreds of high class, fear inducing films, has never really managed to garner much interest from me. I love a good horror as much as the next man but many horrors leave me with a feeling of overwhelming boredom. Yet, that’s not what The Conjuring 3 made me feel. I was rooted to my seat for much of the runtime and despite missing numerous outings from the franchise, I cared for the characters within like I had known them all along. This, in no small part, is due to the fantastic lead performances from Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga that sold me on the entire franchise instantly. While some of their “love story” subplot and dialogue failed to impress, the chemistry the two share and story behind them was interesting as, alongside Ruairi O’Connors performance, pushes this rather interesting story to new heights. 

Nevertheless, the fact this, in most part, is based on a true story, was interesting to me. Possession and demonic beings aren’t normally subjects I read much into but this, and the true story behind many other strange occurrences, intrigued me to the point I went home and spent the night researching a bunch of cases similar to this. Now, while the film itself isn’t a masterpiece…nor is it particularly great in fact, it did its job. I want to check out more stories like this and now, because of this, I want to check out this franchise and delve more into the characters that inhabit the world. That, for me, was exactly what I wanted. 

The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It won’t be anything to horror addicts, but for me personally it worked far better than I had first thought. While I’m sure the previous two (at least from what I’ve heard) were better, number three proved to be a perfect horror movie for a date night. It’s eerie, tense and holds just enough humour to have me sniggering throughout. As someone who hasn’t seen any of these films, it worked. I had a blast! 
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